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An introduction to schedules

Schedules allow you to decide when you want to receive emails. You define a schedule in normal English, that makes them straight-forward and simple to use. Take a look at the following scheduled email:

What? Call grandma
When? Tomorrow at 15:00

The next day, when the clock strikes three, you'll receive an email and you'll have no excuse not to call her.

Recurring schedules

Some chores are important, but not urgent. This makes remembering to do them regularly difficult. That's where recurring schedules come into play. Below is an example schedule that could benefit anyone:

What? Clean the house
When? Every first Saturday of the month

Recurring schedules keep your house clean and your life on track.

More in-depth

For the most part, schedules should be easy to figure out. However, if you would like more details about schedules, head over to the schedule documentation page.


Schedules can also be used with rss feeds to receive new content when you want it to.

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